If your company is like most organizations, you invest a significant portion of your time, budget and human resources in technology. Yet, even the most successful and discerning organizations - those who skillfully assess their customers, their competencies and their competition - often fail to align their IT strategy to their business strategy. Internal IT staff, which is faced with the daily challenges of maintaining and upgrading technologies while paring budgets, often does not have the time or the expertise to develop IT strategies that enable business strategies.

Cedar Consulting, LLC helps organizations like your own meet their goals through customized IT strategies that are as well executed as the business strategies that distinguish your company in your industry. We help you intelligently apply your technology.

Do you find yourself asking questions such as:
  • Am I getting the maximum value from my IT investments?
  • What type of IT initiatives should I consider?
  • How can IT help my organization become more efficient and effective?
  • Which emerging technologies may help my organization gain a competitive advantage, innovate or cut costs?
  • How can I increase my strategic IT investments without increasing my IT budget?
  • Does my current application landscape effectively support my business objectives?

Cedar Consulting, LLC has identified nine critical building blocks that enable IT organizations to maximize the value delivered to lines of business.
  • Units can be executed incrementally and independently to target the most critical challenges first.
  • Units can then be combined to deliver a comprehensive IT strategy that is aligned to the business strategy
Cedar Consulting, LLC